Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bronze Sculpture works of Michael James Talbot

Beautifully oxidized bronze sculptures of elongated women by Michael Talbot

Mr. Talbot's pieces have a delightful suggestion of Art Deco.

The contrast between lightness, harmonious movement and supposed rigid and heavy material

Friday, February 5, 2016

Truth In Advertising: Grab yourself an ice cold bottle of candy

Why Soda Companies Don't Tell You The Truth In Ads

If it's hot out and you're in dire need of refreshment, just grab yourself an ice cold bottle of candy.

Break the Silence: Mask

A Danish spot about child abuse and family violence

For their commercial project, some Danish students made a spot for child abuse awareness. And it's just perfect! 

It shows a kid that need to put on a mask to hide his scars.

This kid is broken because of his parents fighting each others and his abusive father.

But he doesn't want to show his problems, so he wears a mask.

And it starts again...

After a day of violence and loneliness, the kid is a little more broken.

This spot for abuse awareness NGO Bryd Tavsheden ("Break the Silence"), was done in five weeks by a team of Danish second year animation students at The Animation Workshop.

Karl Lagerfeld's Sideways Library

Karl Lagerfeld marches to a different drum and has always done things his way. This is the home of an avid reader, no doubt, but after taking a close look at a the photos one would hope that he doesn't live in an earthquake zone.

Karl Lagerfeld Has Arranged His Floor-to-Ceiling Library Sideways

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld does things differently than the rest of us—even with something as ordinary as a bookshelf. The creative director of Fendi and Chanel has a massive collection of publications that stack from the floor to the ceiling. Although we've previously seen some impressive solutions for displaying a large library, Lagerfeld manages to be unconventional without overthinking it: he simply stacks the hundreds of books horizontally rather than vertically.
Lagerfeld’s rows and rows of books line the walls of his home, requiring a catwalk to access the upper parts of the stacks. Because of their landscape orientation, he doesn’t have to tilt his head to read the titles, meaning he can breeze towards the book that he really wants.
The horizontal piling looks dramatic, especially paired with the minimalist decor and modern furniture. It does, however, present a logistical issue: if Lagerfeld wants a book on the bottom of the stack, he has to pull it out against the weight of what’s on top. This minor inconvenience, however, seems like a small price to pay for an awe-inspiring arrangement.

Karl Lagerfeld: Website
via [The Khool, Core77]
Photography by Piotr Stoklosa.